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Avenged Sevenfold Quotes

Sometimes we tell everyone to f@&k off and sometimes we are cool with it. I guess we handle it the way that any normal person would. Somedays we are all for it and some days you want to kill everyone!
M. Shadows

We've been criticized since day one. We love it. The more people talk, the more people get interested in the band. Selling out is a term kids use in high school. Anyone that calls us a sell out has never heard the record or they are basing it off of the fact that we dont scream anymore.
M. Shadows

I got Appetite for Destruction from my dad when I was younger and after that it was all history. I fell in love with rock music and started taking piano and teaching myself guitar.
M. Shadows

It’s where you see all the hard work really come out in the writing; touring’s hard work but not as hard as this, we have to get up early and just hang out and spend all day and night just writing up ideas…it’s like a jigsaw with five million pieces that we have to put together…

Yeah, I think so, we’re always evolving, we’re a lot more mature and a lot more mellowed out and you’re going to hear a bit more of that, I think you guys will enjoy it a lot.

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