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Avantasia Quotes

We fuck like rabbits. We donít wanna get any message out to the people, we only like to entertain them. There are many bands doing this. I donít want to make statements about the war in Iraq or something, I leave that to George Bush. [Laughs] I canít do that. I only like to speak about the things I have in mind and hope that touch other people too. We had a good time recording it and playing it and if it makes other people smile and laugh then I know that I have succeeded in my goal. 
Tobias Sammet

When we do a concert, people come to have a great time. They give us their money and we play for two hours trying to entertain them, make them have a good time. People come to see you, not to make them depressive. Why do these bands complain all the time? They shouldnít, they make good money out of this. Itís posing, they pretend being something they are not. People should enjoy it.
Tobias Sammet

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