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Attrition Quotes

Well.... I don’t think I’m a professional “musician”.... I never had that desire.... I was 20 I think when I realized that I needed to be an artist.… I started out as a visual artist, mainly paintings; but had this nagging feeling about music.… I am not a musician... I now paint with sound.… So I guess I am more a composer/producer really.
Martin Bowes

I don’t make enough from Attrition alone... although I am getting more from my production/mastering work now.… I solved this 12 years ago. When Naomi was born I started to work teaching music technology at a local college here in Coventry (England). I work half the week so I have plenty of time to do my music & it’s flexible which is important.... But I get a regular paycheck that pays the bills... so I can be as irresponsible as I like the rest of the time!!! 
Martin Bowes

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