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I think the connection with the velvet underground comes from exactly like you are saying, the will to break the rules of the current state of rock music...to create an honest sonic assault, previously unheard of. For me velvet was one of musicīs finest moments ever, and they have left a big mark on how i approach songwriting these days, other obvious influences would be anything from killing joke to godflesh and entombed... Everything that we love and listen to creeps into the sound of this band, but the important factor is that the great deceiver sound is still 100% the great deceiver.... 
Tomas Lindberg 

People do recognize me, but I donīt care. Iīm just the singer with Disfear, but if people want to talk about old stuff, itīs ok with me, but I donīt feel all that special, even though I'm proud of all that Iīve achieved over my career.
Tomas Lindberg 

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