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I totally feel that way. We still do everything on our own: merchandise, music, tours, choosing the bands that open for us...Nothing has really changed, other than Columbia providing us with far more promotion. With Kung Fu, we'd done three records for them under the contract, and we also did some extra, but it was time to go in a different direction.
John Collura

I'm completely a fanatic with music. You see my record collection and it's diverse. I love punk music, and I always will but I love every kind of music. There's nothing I can't really sit and listen to. Well, except for all that top 40 shit, it doesn't really have any substance. Otherwise I'm a fanatic.
Kris Roe

I think in the past the band was known for its "relationship" songs, but now Kris is married, so there isn't any heartache or woes to write about anymore.
John Collura

I just love music. I mean, if we played the same songs every day for three years, I'd probably want to kill myself but…I have this Pandora Box, which you hook up to your guitar and into a Walkman. It has 100 different sounds and effects. I just convinced Mike to buy the one for a bass
John Collura

I moved out to California because old drummer from Anywhere But Here was out there. That's the old drummer, Derek, from the band Lagwagon. That lineup lasted about 6 months and by the time Anywhere But Here came out we were all pretty much broken up. I was about to move back to move back to Indiana, but I decided to stay in California and formed the band over with all the guys who are in the band now.
Kris Roe

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