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The Art of Noise Quotes

"I'd really like to start fooling around with surround sound. Surround sound in the home system is not that far away from being economically viable. Give it two or three years and the prices are really gonna come down. Dolby Pro Logic ... that gives you five channels encoded onto one CDROM: left, center, right, left rear and right rear. And once the PC comes in and stops being badly designed, makes its way into the lounge, then I do think your listening and watching world is going to start to change. And that's where we'd start fooling around again..." So we could see a surround sound CDROM artists interpretation of Art of Noise material in future, but for now we will have to make do with the Drum and Bass Collection.

"I don't think it has really changed ... the people have. You look at the twelve inches we were producing ten years ago and they are not dissimilar to now. Keyboards have found a level in life and people are beginning to realize that they are possibly not the be all and end all of how to make records, just another tool you can use well. 

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