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After Des-construccion was made we played in a lot of shows all over south California and Mexico, so in that time we felt that for a live set it was better to play more instruments on stage; so in those shows we included a couple of guitars, acoustic and electronic drums. So after we finished those performances, we went to our studio and when we started composing the songs for Tierra electrica we began to apply those experiences for the album. 

We believe in transmitting emotions of our reality into our lyrics, and Spanish is part of ours; although in our new album there is only about 3 or 4 sung in Spanish. We haven't got any bad criticism for it, but in places like Spain they really like it when we do. We work the vocals as it sounds best for the song. Even if we begin to write almost everything in English in the future, we will always sing at least 2 songs in Spanish, because of what we already mentioned, and also because we owe this to the people that listen to us in places that don't understand a word of English. 

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