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Armor For Sleep Quotes

“I think the writing process is therapeutic. I think recording is kind of mechanical. You have to recreate, really get yourself into place when you [record] them. Whenever I’m writing it, I feel it at the moment, and I know that I’ll be recording it in a couple of months. I love recording, but I think the writing itself is more therapeutic.”
Ben Jorgensen

I don't think I can write happy songs. As weird as that is, I don't think I can sit down and write a song about enjoying life. I think whatever part of me that feels a need to write, feels a need to write when there's stuff on my mind that I need to get out.
Ben Jorgensen

“We write our songs ‘cause we get into it, and we want to make it the best it can be.”
Ben Jorgensen

“Lyrically, musically we don’t write songs thinking, ‘Oh we already have this kind of song on the record,’”
Ben Jorgensen

The best tour I think, we co-headlined with Recover and we took out a band called Say Anything. All the bands on that tour were great friends of ours and we're huge fans of their music. So, that was probably like the most rewarding thing, to be able take out friends' bands that you love and be able to play for a month with them.
Ben Jorgensen

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