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Archers of Loaf Quotes

It's been one of the comfortable things about playing together, that none of us have ever thought about this being a dictatorship or a democracy. It's more like stuff just comes out. You accept ideas and everybody comes up with ideas. The whole goal is the same, to come up with a song that we dig. I know some of the process but I don't think it's ever been a strict procedure. If it works, it works. We don't just throw something wild and inappropriate into a song.
Matt Gentling

We generally don't have enough prep time to make it anything other than organic. We had as much time to practice on AIRPORTS as we did on ICKY METTLE. There's enough time so that we didn't go in there without a clue but none of the songs are just to the point where we were just doing it to repeat ourselves. We still played most of the songs with some non-fixed parts. I do some stuff different now than I did when we recorded it. Nothing was in stone.
Mark Price

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