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On some level, it does suck for us to love a record, praise it, and then have it be instantly perceived as overexposed by some people. But to me, it's an incredible record that would have been going places regardless of what we said or did.
Win Butler

It's based on a story that someone told me. It's not an actual event, but one that I took to be real. I would say that it's probably something that the kid made up, but at the time I believed him.
Win Butler (about band name)

Régine and I write a lot of lyrics together, so a lot of it's jumbled up between the two of us. I think they're less autobiographical than they seem, but there's definitely songs like "Neighborhood #1" that's taking an emotional state and trying to express it in some way that's not strictly autobiography.
Win Butler

I don’t think the emotional quality is the defining quality of the music but it’s definitely something that people have picked up on a lot,”
Win Butler

“The stuff I listened to growing up, like Robert Smith or Bruce Springsteen, is so much more over-the-top than our stuff. Listen to Born To Run then listen to our album. Like, gimme a break.”
Win Butler

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