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April Sixth Quotes

Save Ferris had basically just fallen apart about a year ago and I did a little more touring with Monique and some other members that they put together and while I was still doing that I was approached by these guys and my friend Brian who manages us and I was really looking for something to get into and be committed to and also I was looking for a rock band to play in and when I heard these guys music you know, it was pretty much straight out rock, no frills, nothing, just rock and roll, and it was exactly what I wanted.
Evan Kilbourne

Me, Robert, and Brian met when I was playing at a coffee house. They just came in and heard me singing, and they asked me to be in their band. So I joined, and then we went through drummers and bass players and it just didn’t work out [with them], and then finally we met Joey and Evan and they just fit. So we’re here today.
Christopher Wade

When we first started, it was just me, Robert, and Brian in the band. We were getting ready to play this big, huge show at some Paramount park by our house and what not, and we were all excited and stoked. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, April 6th!” we were telling everybody, “Go see our show April 6th!” And we hadn’t come out with an original band name, everything we had come up with someone else had. So we were just like “Man, April Sixth…honestly, that sounds like a band name. And it looks cool.” So we just stuck with it. We were like “Who is going to have April Sixth as their band name? What are the chances of that?"
Christopher Wade

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