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I don't want to know everything about bands, I want to have some mystique remain because sometimes when you get all of this information you realize that they are just people and that actually takes away a little bit from the aura of somebody. 
John Bush

I always freak out when people ask me about my favorite bands or my five favorite records, I just can never do that because it goes through different waves and sometimes you want to listen to something and at other times you want to listen to something else so I don't know.
John Bush

I listened to the radio at first to re-acclimate myself with music, and I was surprised to hear thrash metal on commercials in the background. Scott and I actually used to laugh, and say “That will be the day when they take Frank Sinatra off commercials, and put an Anthrax song on!” Now everyone seems to have heard of thrash metal, even my grandmother has gotten acclimated to it, there’s thrash metal on TV, it still flips me out to this day!
Danny Spitz

I certainly never doubted the ability for the guys to get together and make good music, but there was so much legal business with the record company that it ended up being like five albatrosses around our neck.
John Bush

In Europe and Britain they seem to be much more accepting and embracing of older bands, whereas in America if you've been out for three years, you're old, and I think that attitude stinks.
John Bush

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