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Kheer then left the band before the gig at the Gibus Club with DESPOND/ APOCRYPHAL/ FLYSTRIKE. This venue must be one of the most cult within the Parisian underground since all major Black Metal and Death Metal gigs took place there. Set entered the band just a few weeks before the show as bass player. Even if the stage presence was rather short --around 20 minutes--, the band had the time to expose its brutality on stage. It can be noted that the keyboard parts were done by Lord Tenebro Maleficium (now evolving under the MANTAR monicker, on Haceldama Productions). 

Being the target of some groups (labels and bands) created some tensions within the band, which led to the departure of former member Piat (aka Antaeus) just after the gig that the band played with IMPALED NAZARENE. Many rumors and shit went spread, but talking about this would give it too much importance. 

Exhumed to the world in early 1994, the side project of TRAGOS ADEIN, namely AntaeuS, took its early incarnation as a three pieces project, this including MkM on vokills, A. (bass player of BLUT AUS NORD, Black Metal band signed on VELVET MUSIC INTERNATIONAL) and Piat (Guitars). 

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