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"Being the type of kid who has always grown up with not having much and always having this desire to be an artist I recognised Another Level as the closest bet to being a ‘Black Street’ or a Boyz II Men’ and perhaps this is where I was wrong, maybe a little naïve. I wanted to be as good as that. When I realised that some things were lacking in the group I knew there was nothing much in it for me."
Wayne Williams

"I began dancing for entertainers and singers and, as I got older I wanted to progress and get myself a vocal instrument. I started taking singing lessons and getting some serious direction and that's how it began to build."
Wayne Williams

"It was at the BRITS that I got myself established, learning to play the piano, produce and write music - I was part of the music strand there. In my year there were too many talented kids. I literally learnt so much from the other students that my piano and singing skills began to pick up really, really quickly."
Wayne Williams

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