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What makes a Scotsman proud to be Scottish, what makes an Irishman proud to be Isrish. The trouble is there's not enough people in this country who are proud to be English.
Mensi [Thomas Mensforth]

I answered this quite a few times. I was never political. It was other person who got political around us that’s all. Was I political when I first started Gaz?
Mensi [Thomas Mensforth]

I donīt actually know the difference between record companies. EMI, Polydor and Cherry Red what are the differences? I donīt know? The only difference is maybe Cherry Red where the lads working there were more hands on and very much approachable.
Mensi [Thomas Mensforth]

Like I said before I dabble still with the cars to keep my hand in but not like I used to when I was in London where I did it full time where it was my living.
Mensi [Thomas Mensforth]

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