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And Also the Trees Quotes

It's always tempting to use the technology and we do use it to our own ends but probably not in the way it was intended. Technology is after all just a tool, not the means in itself….We've found a way to make this stuff work for us rather than vice-versa.
Steven Burrows

"I don't think it will have the overall calm of FFTT and it will be less of an internal voyage and more a journey into European backwaters. 
Simon Huw-Jones 

Aesthetically ‘the past' is always an attraction…an endless mine of inspiration in so many different ways, in words, in music, in life, but I'm not sure the influence of the past is as great on our work now as in the past. I think our current work is shaped more by the world we live in now. And perhaps by the lack of time in everyone's lives…
Steven Burrows

"Well yes, in this period of my life I am spending a lot of time caring for my children... there is no shortage of emotional stimulation as anyone who has spent long periods of time with their children will know, but finding the right state and peace of mind can be difficult. 
Simon Huw-Jones

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