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Anatomy of a Ghost Quotes

...I went to school first and then these guys came down and we just all kind of knew each other from playing music and hanging out, we were all buddies.

People start bands not just out of boredom, but out of a love of music. They hear a certain band or they have favorite bands and they're doing it and they wonder if we can do that.

Well, our old band moved to Portland for a few reasons. We had some family and friends there and we knew it had a decent music scene and the combination of both just kind of made us wanna live there.

Yeah, we're extremely happy. We're just doing what we want to do and nothing is holding us back right now.

If it happens, it happens. We aren't really saying we need this to achieve superstardom. We just kind of do it and I mean we make enough to eat and pay for gas and stuff like to stay on the road, that's all you really need.

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