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Dr. Ben Sobel: Lou the Wrench? Why the Wrench?
Paul Vitti: He twisted some guy's head off.
Dr. Ben Sobel: OFF?

Agent Miller: Dr. Sobel, have you been receiving calls from mobster Paul Vitti?
Dr. Ben Sobel: Why would you say I received a call from Paul Vitti?
Agent Miller: Because we record all his calls from Sing Sing.
Dr. Ben Sobel: Then yes I did.

Dr. Ben Sobel: I am grieving. It's a process.

Dr. Ben Sobel: [straining] I'm very attached to my balls.

Dr. Ben Sobel: Ginko biloba. Helps with my memory, and something else, I forget what.

Dr. Ben Sobel: Paul, you know what you said about not flipping out?
Paul Vitti: Yeah.
Dr. Ben Sobel: Sorry.
[freaks out]

Dr. Ben Sobel: I thought you'd appreciate staying here, having a home cooked meal after being in prison.
Paul Vitti: Oh that's what I've been jacking off to for 850 nights, "Oh a casserole!"

Dr. Ben Sobel: I know what you are doing Paul. You are just upset that I have custody of you, that you passive aggressively arranged for me to look like a fool.
Paul Vitti: Oh come on. You were great! You were great!
Dr. Ben Sobel: Second take was a little better than the third take. Jelly wasn't giving me much. Honestly.

Dr. Ben Sobel: I was at a funeral.
Paul Vitti: What's that got to do with someone trying to kill me in jail? You're my Doctor!
Dr. Ben Sobel: My father died.
Paul Vitti: So. With you it is always me, me, me, me, me, me. He's dead. So get over it.

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