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For us Black Metal is an emotional way to express oneself. It's a cliché which we think is funny, but don't take seriously. We like to live the cliché from time to time and we think this is ok as long as people do not get injured. 
Jörg Lanz

The word Amestigon is a part of a formula for summoning dark forces, I chose the name 10 years ago from a book or so, I really don’t know exactly anymore. 
Jörg Lanz

There are exactly five years between Höllentanz (1997) and our new Split CD (2002). But Amestigon did not really lie on ice. In '98/'99 Tharen asked Wolf if he would like to play in Amestigon, because Tharen wanted to form Amestigon with a fixed line-up. He agreed and a short time later Lanz joined the Band. In 2000 the self produced Mini-CD "Remembering Ancient Origins" was released, but strictly limited to 100 pieces in a collector’s and promotional purpose. 
Jörg Lanz

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