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American Head Charge Quotes

We're finally just heading south out of this northern @#$%& cold! We went all the way from California along the north, I guess, through Minneapolis we've played a bunch of places.
Martin Cock

In some respects I definitely don't like to get political or anything. As subliminal as that is, you can take it like that. That's fine if we're viewed like that, but it's not like an intentional thing.
Martin Cock

In Japan the toilets are ten years ahead of ours. They have cell phones that play MP3s and have full color screens with cameras in them. It's not like it costs so much that only rich people can have them. Every kid there has one.
Chad Hanks

For some of the younger ones in the band, our families tend to get a little bent outta shape. Not that we haven't lived out of the house for eight years, but they're still like
Justin Fouler

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