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Am I Latin? Am I American? What the hell am I? I love my culture and I'm very proud of my culture.
- America Ferrera Quote

"As early as second grade I remember feeling really different and isolated. I had the hugest crush on a boy, and my best friend had a crush on him, too. One day he said to me, ‘I like your best friend more because she's paler and she has freckles.' And it was right then that I began to feel like, Oh wow, I'm different."
- America Ferrera Quote (The Hollywood Gossip, April 2007)

"I mean, I grew up in the Valley. All my friends were white Jewish kids. So the Latino kids thought I was this white girl."
- America Ferrera Quote  (The Hollywood Gossip, April 2007)

I'm the first one in line to go watch "Spider-Man," but there's definitely something in me that makes me want to go to a movie and see something that makes me feel good about life.
- America Ferrera Quote

Salma and I had run into each other once or twice at film festivals because I was doing the press for Real Women Have Curves at the same time she was doing the press for Frida. She had seen Real Women Have Curves, and when the idea of Ugly Betty came up, she thought of me. Her enthusiasm about the project was so infectious—she spoke of it with such expectation. Everyone that was involved was really excited about the project. I really wanted to be a part of it.
- America Ferrera Quote (Latino MSN)

"The hardest part of this year has been learning to enjoy it. It's almost like a full-time job reminding myself to live in the moment and not look for more, more, more…I see now that people who make movies, this world of creative geniuses that I grew up idolizing, are just normal people who wanted to do something and made it happen. Everything that's happened to me in the last year has only made me feel more like a normal person, more human, but in the most beautiful way."
- America Ferrera Quote (The Hollywood Gossip, April 2007)

There are so many wonderful shows that come out through the year. What makes some stick is an unknown factor, you know? It’s gotta be the right show at the right time. Really, you’ve got to have magic elements line up. But I felt that this was going to be something that was really going to ring true to people.
- America Ferrera Quote (Latino MSN)

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Date of Birth: April 18, 1984
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