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We thought the way Queen came out in 1973 was the best way to do it. We decided to do only huge shows in New York's biggest halls. Of course because it costs so much money we weren't able to do many shows. And because of the size of the show, and the effects, and the cost of advertising, no promoter would touch us. We had to promote ourselves. We got our own bucks together and played just like one job every three months, in a strategic place. We didn't try to fill the hall. That wasn't what we were worried about. The thing we most wanted to do was get the notoriety that hey, Americade has to play big stage and that they have a big show.
P.J. deMarigny

Most people don't have the guts enough to put up their own house, but we do. My parentís believe in us.
P.J. deMarigny

We want family. We don't want to be an overnight success, or an overnight one hit wonder, you know you do one song and then you go away. We're setting this up so we can be here five years from today. 
P.J. deMarigny

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