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I have two daughters and there is a song for each of them. My oldest daughter, we don’t like to use the word handicap, but she is a SIDS baby, she is now 22, but is a special needs kid, who was adopted from birth in Atlanta, Georgia and remains a special needs kid. She is a remarkable kid. She has really overcome her handicap very well. 
David Pack

It is called “Think of U (Song 4 Kaitlyn).” Kaitlyn is my 16 year old, who was conceived after 9 years of In Vitro. She is a miracle. I have been going through a very difficult time for the last three years. 
David Pack

I have always been a Christian. I have never tried to push that faith onto others. While I was in Ambrosia I was kind of an on the fence Christian because I believed but I was not studying. I wasn’t going anywhere with it. The last fifteen years I have studied a lot and I even started a spiritual media company 4 years ago called Mpowered Ideas Inc. 
David Pack

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