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If speak about “digital hardcore”, this term sooner been created for definition of some kinds of electronic music, which musically could be breakcore, gabber, noise, ambient or just shit - whatever you want, but has some general thing: no standard. Yes? Now we’re not interested to speak about “digital hardcore” or to be “a part of new digital hardcore scene” which is strange and dogmatic, or talking about “traditional digital hardcore” (which means nothing). Okay, you can say “AMBASSADOR21 is an industrial band, and A21’ members very influenced by punk rock. Amen ”. That’s enough.

We run Invasion Wreck Chords as independent label focused on industrial music. We started it as label for A21, and now we cooperate with different artists, as well. Our latest release – FRAGMENT KING “Grey Album”, which is really harsh and mental, and absolutely brilliant. 

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