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The Amazombies are: Heather Anderson (Drums/backup vocals), Noriko Kaji (Bass/backup vocals) and Kim Kelly (Guitar/vocals). The band has been together since November 2000, but we have had the current line up since June 2001. 

Our local Seattle music scene has been extremely supportive of us. Our very first show came about due to a local band Third Rail Delivery booking us on a bill with them at Gibson's. They saw us at one of our practices and told us they were just going to put us on the bill with them, even though we felt pretty unsure of ourselves at that point. 

Our band name is just that - a band name. While we do love bands such as the Misfits, our musical style doesn't really have the 'monster theme' so to speak. We're just a Punk 'N' Roll band, fun beer drinking music. Our musical style - it's just hard to pigeon-hole us into one specific genre. There's definitely a huge punk influence, there's definitely a huge rock n' roll influence. We are a Punk 'N' Roll band who play from our hearts, and we play hard. Come see us play and define for yourselves!

From an early age I was always into music. I always sang to my parents records. I had a neighbor friend that had an organ - and everytime I was at her house I played it. My parents noticed this and ended up buying me an old upright piano. I played it all the time - mostly taught myself to play by ear...and that was it. I was committed to music for the rest of my life. 
Kim Kelly 

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