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I think our first goal was to play live as much as possible, develop our own sound and gain experience. But the record deal came before all that, maybe we were not ready for it. Now it seems weíve grown a lot with these two albums, and we want to tour as much as possible, since we feel this is the real joy of the music, to perform it live to others.
Johanna DePierre

Itís very important, if one or the other takes over too much then it can become boring to listen to. In my personal opinion I need good melodies most of the time for the music to appeal to me, but of course Kari likes the technical and complex guitar playing, so we fight about who gets the most space and that probably keeps the balance haha.
Johanna DePierre

Yes most of the reviews have been very positive, and of course itís great to hear that people appreciate what youíve done. Itís kind of a strange feeling to read about yourself really, but youíve got to remember not to listen to much to what other people say about your music, youíve got to do it for yourself I think. 
Johanna DePierre

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