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I oscillate between Berlin and London. The bigger part of my band lives in England and I am very often on the island because we are in the middle of the work for the new Alphaville album, coming in next autumn. A lot of nice recollections connect me with Münster because this is the cradle of Alphaville. However, I am not born in Münster. I was born in Herford in the east of Westphalia.
Mirian Gold

After school I have seen my future more in painting, but from 1977, at the beginning of the punk era, my interest shifted very quickly to the music. I´ve worked in different jobs to earn some money: Sweat away on building sites, for a circus, with furniture restorations, fair jobs, on farms etc., until later in 1984 our first single came out.
Mirian Gold

I am quite contented with the songwriting. We play some of the new songs already in our live program. Thereby we get over and over again good, additional ideas for the recording of the songs. I hope that we can continue the Alphaville tradition and not to recur. 
Mirian Gold

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