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"some listeners got lost in all the detail and melody"
Andy Jenks

"It's really mind-blowing to hear them perform something you've created." 
Andy Jenks

"Yes our web site has been off line for some time now, but it’s not because we’ve been off line. As our previous web site was controlled at Virgin we couldn't just continue it, we had to go through months of computer technical nightmares to get control of the domain name. I don’t know why it took so long but now we have alphaheaven.com and a web site that we are very much involved in.” 

We found the situation to be limiting when using drum machines and samplers. So instead of using the same hip-hop production techniques for the new album, we went into the studio with a goal of reproducing their sample-based sound using live instruments."
Andy Jenks

“When we parted from Melankolic there was no need to stop, we had the studio and we were busy writing, we thought that we would wait and decide later which way to go. It was actually quite a nice feeling being free again.” 

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