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Dag-Are had an idea of making a cover for our first 10inch record that was a rip-off of the "BASF" logo, so then we needed a 4-letter name, and after a short brainstorm that was it. In hindsight the name probably may be related to the very lo-fi and an-alog way our first tunes was made. They where recorded on Dag-Are`s four-track tape -recorder in a kindergarten basement in Tromsø, where we could set up our stuff after the kids had gone home. It was all an accident. Espen had some discarded samples from his fathers big-band record collection on his computer. We actually didn´t know each other that well, and probably because we where nervous we started playing all sorts of instruments we could find in the studio on top of these samples. It was only intended to stay within the confines of the kindergarten.Later some off this material ended up on "Red shift swing".
Espen Sommer Eide

At gigs we have different roles, Dag-Are plays instruments like analog synth and double-bass bow on cymbal, and Espen is handling two laptops. In that sense we are "analogman" and "digitalman". But when it comes to studiowork we both use all sorts of equipment. We invented those two personas because we tried to figure out what kind of "band" we are, and in a band the individuals often has fixed roles. Instead of calling ourself "the drummer" and "the guitarist", we were looking for something more catchy. We try to come up with good ideas for possible roles like this, or play around with pop-world myths and icons, because it then gives inspiration to the music making process.
Espen Sommer Eide

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