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We broke up two years after the first record came out and we were not a functioning band. We had no contact with each other and really no intentions of playing again.
Mike Score

ALL OUT WAR started in 92 with Mike Score and Chris Bozeth (x MERAUDER). Jim came later and after many line-up changes including x members of DARKSIDE NYC, TASTE OF FEAR and STIGMATA we eventually came to the strongest line-up of our history which is: Erik Carillo-bass, Jim Antonelli-guit, Tarms Apuzzo-guit, Mike Score-voc, and Jesse Sutherland drums. We have 2 7"EP's out and a full-length called "Truth in the age of lies". We also have a new full-length on the way from Victory records called "For those who were crucified". It will be out on Europe on Sept. 8.

I really don't care about that. We are a band that plays heavy music and we all grew up in the NYHC scene. If you don't like us because we don't fit in with your little immature attitude that's fine with me. I like agressive extreme music whether it be SLAYER, AGNOSTIC FRONT, GBH or whatever, HC, metal, punk rock as long as I relate to it lyrically and the music's brutal I enjoy it.

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