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“It’s just a name I named myself. My first name is David so it comes from that.”
Capital D

In my first semester of law school, I didn’t listen to music at all. I just tried to make sure that I focused on school. So, when The Molemen hit me with the beats, I just opened up. They were really vivid beats.” 
Capital D

“Hip-hop wise, I really don’t listen to much hip-hop to tell you the truth. At the present time, I only listen to Mos Def, The Roots. I just heard the Blackalicious album for the first time. That album is tight. I slept on that for a while. My old school influences are Krs-One and Rakim. I really listen to more stuff outside of hip-hop right now. Personally, I listen to Smashing Pumpkins. I listen to a lot of jazz… the older stuff like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane.” 
Capital D

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