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All Else Failed Quotes

I used to go to nursery school with Nat and Tom. We have known each other were 3 years old. We all kept in touch. Later Nat started playing a guitar and so did Tom and then we decided to form a band. At the time I played drums. So that’s how it kind of started but that’s ages ago and we just did covers back then.
Nick Evans

I had a dream about our band and we weren’t called Stigma but All Else Failed. That was at the point when we were deciding on a new name. I told the rest of the band and they were like “F*** off!” but later we all liked it.
Al Thorpe

We put everything into the band. As Mike Spencer from Total Rock and Radio Caroline had said about us “The best unsigned band that I play on my show and I only play the best.”
Al Thorpe

We also always have a huge problem with naming songs. It’s just hard. When you write a song and then when you need a title you need something that relates to the song, but which also doesn’t sound s**t because otherwise people won’t like it and even listen to it.
Nick Evans

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