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Geffen was basically scaling down, just like the rest of the companies that weren’t making money and they were firing a bunch of people. It was kind of the politics and stuff and we got fired and I think that in our situation, coming from the bus wreck and not really having a successful second record and being away for a while, there wasn’t a whole lot of heat behind us and they naturally let us go.

I would hope some songs would creep up on you while you’re making your bed. I want them to go ‘Damn, I want to go hear that one song.’ We tried to make it a flowing record.

All of our flavors and stuff are still there. The other cool thing is Joe and Terry were in their first band together way, way young. Joe comes from the same pool and same area we do, so he fits right in. I used to write Joe’s old band fan letters.
Having Joe come in is a lot easier to work with; he has an easier style. They are a little bit different; Joe is a little bit jazzier.

I can’t even narrow it down to one. The band goes on other people’s buses, while we’re at gas stations. It’s funny; you just have to go get the DVD. There’s Dryden giving everybody a “naked hug.”

I’m down. I love hip-hop and the energy. We played the Michael Jackson stuff, so we’re not scared of grooving, booty-shaking music. If we could collaborate with anybody like that, we would definitely be interested. It’s fun.

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