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Alghazanth Quotes

“Usually we rehearse 2-3 times a week but whenever a gig or studio sessions are closing in on us we tend to rehearse a bit more frequently. We all live in the same area so there are no bigger difficulties in getting each member to come to the rehearsals.” 
Gorath Moonthorn

“We are from a city called Jyväskylä, which is located pretty much in the heart of our country.”
Gorath Moonthorn

“Veilroth and I go back a long way so we knew each other long before Alghazanth came to life. We both were into Black Metal and as both of us had been playing our instruments for some time, we decided to form a band of our own and see if it had something to offer to the genre. The other members of the first line-up were also familiar to us so the thing got started more or less on friendship basis. From the starting line-up only Thasmorg, A. Simonen and I are still in the band.”
Gorath Moonthorn

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