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“It was a gradual move towards getting back in shape again. He [Peart] hadn't played drums for a long time and he needed the time to just build up his chops again. And for us, Geddy and I hadn't worked writing together in a while and because we'd been doing such diverse things we needed some time to get used to each other again.”

“We got together and it was very slow. The first two weeks we spent just talking about everything -- I don't think we played a single note.”

“With 'One Little Victory,' I love the idea that Neil is the one who starts the record and he starts it with such a fury and it just says, 'We're back.' And the whole sentiment of that song about being aware of those little successes -- the daily little things that really count -- that we so often take for granted.”

“It was interesting to see the development in the arrangements, and how our sound changed over the course of a decade. I definitely found it fascinating, looking at that. And how the stage show changed over the years ? of course, [in] 10 years a lot of stuff changes. But it was a little fascinating to watch that, actually.”

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