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It was really rad though, it's an honor to win anything, it's just a good feeling because Billy Talent won a couple of awards and so did Death From Above 1979 and we did our first Western tour with them way back when, maybe three years ago and just to see us all coming on top and doing it the true real way, just feels really good.

And then we were like, "let's look at what we look like on stage", but you couldn't do that because Much Music spent so much money on helicopter shots that more than half of the set was aerials of Queen Street lit up and of fans. I mean it was amazing to be there and I think it was cool, but I think that the people who were there and saw it got something more out of it.

It was cool. Last year we were nominated for one award and showed up and we won the award later on in the night, so we just chilled out. It was fun. It was great this year but it was just really crazy.

“I think if you do it long enough, than u get better at it. You’re on the road a lot and you just get better. Also, we had a great producer, Julius Butty. We learned what we like to play.”

Yea there’s a lot of things we could be doing to grab more media attention. We just kind of write what we want, and it is what it is”.

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