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I have seen some good reviews and had some encouraging mail. Itís hard for us to tell really. We had some great shows here in Australia for itís release, we have also seen it reviewed in a lot of European press that isnít in English, so it look like itís getting out there.
Roy Torkington

Itís the same sort of thing I guess, we donít want to repeat ourselves, but also I think our lyrics have always been on differing topics often linked to spirituality, nature and the environment.
Roy Torkington

The Aussie scene is very strong with talent in all styles of heavy music; venues can be a problem, either the lack of them or the high drink costs. It can be hard for young bands to get shows, but there defiantly out there and there is a new generation of kids coming out Ė thereís a big Metal Hardcore scene too. It seems pretty strong really.
Roy Torkington

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