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I've definitely met certain people who have been like "I heard you on 'The OC'" or "I heard you on 'The Real World'," or "I heard you on 'Pimp My Ride.'" That's good. That's what's it's there for. That's why it happens, you know. 
Jimmy LaValle

Yeah, my songs have grown, but I think it's a natural progression in writing. I guess that's a contradiction from the last statement but… This is the first record I did as Album Leaf being my main thing and not a collection of Tristeza [Jimmy's previous band] leftovers per say.
Jimmy LaValle

Actually, I got an e-mail from a fan the other day about selling out, and supporting the corporate system. That was creepy. I didn't really know what to say to that guy. But hey, I am not a kid anymore, and this is my career. All ethics aside, no one would understand until you are in those shoes. There aren't a whole lot of opportunities for major exposure when it comes to instrumental music. The fact that I don't compose songs with the "corporate" world in mind and I do write songs from myself in my own way, [that] should be reason enough.
Jimmy LaValle

Every tour is the same, in a way, but not really. I like making completely no sense. This is always better for me because it's my thing, when I see the response and turnout, I know that is a direct impact from what I am doing. So it's nice for me to see. 
Jimmy LaValle

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