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Alabama Thunder Pussy Quotes

We chose Kyle because he rules. I mean, if youíve listened to the new record, I donít think that you can honestly hear what he did and not at least be able to appreciate it for the level of quality. 
Bryan Cox 

I still think that MySpace is mainly populated by narcissistic attention whores looking for a free handout or at very least a solicited compliment. However, itís definitely a powerful, undeniably great tool for bands to network and publicize themselves and, as long as itís free, weíll exploit it just like everybody else. 
Bryan Cox 

Critics do suck. The entire notion that people can make a living casting judgment on the works of others is incredible to me. I can only assume that this situation exists because people have grown so lazy and complacent that theyíre no longer interested in gathering their own information so that they can think for themselves and form educated opinions.
Bryan Cox 

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