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Personally, I was interested in recording the the two albums outside of our element and away from home. That way we were totally immersed in the process and didnít have much to do besides record and drink beer. It was also nice to do it mid-tour because we were tighter as a band.
Nat Damm

I donít think polished is what were going for. We were aiming more a mixture of an organic, big, live sound with the clarity and crispy sound of a few choice rock albums. 
Nat Damm

Iím the 11th dude to play guitar in Akimbo. I wasnít aware of their history when I approached them. I came to see one of their local shows with a good friend of mine whose musical taste Iíve always trusted (weíd been in several bands together since high school.) We both agreed that Iíd be a perfect fit for the band.
Aaron Walters

Traditionally we write at home. For NTB and Jersey Shores we actually did a bit of writing in the studio. It wasnít a conscious decision to do that though, it was more like we were coming down to the wire and needed to leave for tour.
Nat Damm

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