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We’ve had members (for a very short period, and for quite a long time ago) that were really good musicians, but we didn’t share the same view on certain elements, like the melancholia, the low-fi-thing or the arrangement. 
Mona Mark

In the beginning, Patrick presented his songs by singing them to the rest of us, and then he insisted that I should sing. Mostly I did, but some of the songs definitely suited his voice and performance better. Then we had to convince him to do it himself. 
Mona Mark

The variation makes it more fun for me, and I get more creative. However, I must say I enjoy playing the drums live. Listening to the albums you would probably think that I fell asleep behind the kit, but even though the songs are slow we put a whole lot of energy into them, and it gives me a real kick to play. We also have a tendency to play louder and faster live, which the audience seems to enjoy…
Bosse Litzheim

The goal of AI Phoenix remains the same: to keep going like before. It is already a challenge to be a band since we all insist in having jobs or going to school to keep us away from the direct connection between music and income.
Mona Mark

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