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Hans van Vuuren called me and asked me if I was interested in “doing” a metal opera, and who am I to say no to such a great opportunity. I really had no second thoughts about this project, I liked the idea from the start, but I immediately decided that it was impossible to do this on my own. So I asked Robert (Hunecke-Rizzo) and Miro to join me and they said yes. Hans also asked me to write some songs for Aina, but that was too much for me, I was so busy. But in the end I finally got one song for the album, namely “The Beast Within”. I asked Amanda Sommerville to do the lyrics and to come up with the story and well the result is amazing. 
Sascha Paeth

I was truly surprised about all the excellent reviews the album got. There was only one bad review; someone on the Internet was complaining about the Aina language, there were far too many A’s and E’s in the language. Therefore you could not listen to it properly, and actually this “critic” did not listen to the album to come to the astonishing conclusion that this was a bad album???? 
So, the actual feedback was amazing. 
Sascha Paeth

I really am not into power metal and that sort of music; do not get me wrong, I like it, but I prefer classical hard rock like Aerosmith or Van Halen.
Sascha Paeth

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