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I loved music ever since I was a kid. So after being a DJ, I wanted to experiment with sounds, compositions & arrangements.
I already have 14 years of releases, and I am still still evolving 
Herman Klapholz

In short: it's comes from the Quiché language and is based on the Mayan mythology. The literal meaning: a demon-bat that cuts off people's head! (note: The K'iche' language -Quiché in Spanish- is a part of the Mayan language family. It is spoken by many K'iche' people in the central highlands of Guatemala.
Herman Klapholz (on stage name)

I think improvisation and experimentation is a must. I don't know anything about the "written laws" regarding notes, etc ...but I don't really mind. It's the personal feeling that counts in my music.
Herman Klapholz

Apple computer is my main music platform with Logic and Pro tools, waves, plug-in collections etc.
Herman Klapholz

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