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Agoraphobic Nosebleed Quotes

We were thinking about doing something much like our demo and first 7", which crammed 30 songs into 10 minutes or so. Originally, it was going to be a 40 song 7" on Deathstill records (UK), but Relapse has been cracking down a little on bands doing shit for other labels, but Matt offered to do something along those lines on Relapse. So, I had the hair-brained idea that a 100 song CD would rule, but would probably take too fucking long to do and be too shitty to listen to. Thus, it seemed like the 3" format, with its 20-minute time constraint and diminutive size seemed absurd in and of itself. Perfect. 100 tracks in 20 minutes. It winds up being perfect for other reasons because you pick the thing up and see the insane artwork, you see 100 song titles that barely fit on the back of the tray, you flip though the booklet which is a visual assault on its own... 
Scott Hull

It wasn't all that bad really. Most of my and J's lyrics aren't more than a few lines anyways, so fitting ideas into short, grinding blasts is something that we're used to doing. Having said that, for some of the conjoined segments on Altered States... such as the "Aum Shinrikyo," "Twelve Days of Sodom" and "Altered States of America" tracks, we made sure that the overall theme adhered to some kind of general, twisted topic.
Carl Schultz

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