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Well actually, I wouldn’t be the person to do that because I actually joined after the first record of done which was October of 2003. I took over Matt Shannon’s place as bass player. The band has been together about 5 years now; I was at their very first show. I been friends with everyone in the band for a long time, we grew up together. Nobody had heard any of their [music] but I was amazed by it and when I got a chance to join the band I was really excited.

Basically, the whole band gets together in a room and just jam. Whenever we hear something cool, we’ll just build on it and if we can’t figure out something else to go with that we put it to the side. I mean we have like 20 parts of songs that we’ve wanted to work on that are hangin’ around. Yeah, but all we really do is jam together and Mike will just sit there and write his lyrics out.

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