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The Age of Electric Quotes

I remember thinking it was a lot like prison. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I was lucky enough, however, that I played in a band when I was really young…like fourteen…and for all intents and purposes I was living on the road. My parents were constantly battling with me about my schoolwork yet I would disappear from Friday to Monday. 
Todd Kerns

Playing in Regina and Saskatoon was a big enough deal although I think it wasn’t enough of a shock. Vancouver was a big step for us even know it wasn’t quite as large as Toronto. It has all its elements: we’ve stayed in the seediest of seedy hotels…again, we were really excited to be there so we weren’t really that “shocked”. I remember walking to our gigs through literally gaggles of prostitutes. We were hanging out in front of the clubs thinking “why are all these beautiful women just hanging around?”…literally straight-off-the-bus small town guys. Plus the drugs…it was a real eye-opener. 
Todd Kerns

Often people’s agenda starts to change, and that was definitely a problem with Age of Electric. We became four very different people from the people that we started off being, which is a part of “being you” I suppose. 
Todd Kerns

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