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You mean, what is Agallochum? It is a resinous and fragrant East Indian wood.

To answer the second half of your question, we listen to a variety of music, depending on our moods. From Depeche Mode to Darkthrone, from Glenn Gould to Kent, from Whitehouse to Tori Amos, and so on. Sometimes I'll listen to nothing but techno/dance music for a couple weeks then suddenly get a craving to listen to Master's Hammer or Current 93 or something...

Haughm provides the rest of us with rough CDR's of the basic tracks and we all spend time alone working on elaborating those ideas. Eventually we get together and throw away stuff, or add new stuff. Often I will have a part I really love, but it may never make it onto the recording. It's a real give and take situation composing the way we do. But, I really prefer it.

I'm not concerned with Agalloch having metal comparisons, we are influenced by a few metal bands, and we come out of the metal scene. What I am concerned with is being limited to those very tight paradigms. Opeth was never an influence, no matter what anyone says, but Katatonia was.
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