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When I was 12 my brother was 16 years old, and he started off being really metal, he had the long hair and everything. We would listen to bands like Testament, Metallica, and Anthrax. I was a huge Anthrax fan, I had an Anthrax patch on the back of one of my denim jackets. So, yeah, started really metal, but both my brother and I at the same time got into punk rock.
Tom Gabel

“When you have people making something that’s really dear to you and turning it into something that’s disgusting, it kind of happens,” 
Tom Gabel

“At the same time ‘politics’ is a word that’s thrown around a lot and doesn’t necessarily mean a good or bad thing, that should be defined in itself. I think like pop bands like Good Charlotte don’t have anything to say and aren’t threatening.”
Tom Gabel

“I think it’s been like that every time punk blows up and there’s always the underground to it, sitting there calling other bands sellouts, Even when the mainstream goes away, there’s still the underground that’s still there and keeps it going.”
Tom Gabel

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