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We started out as a three-piece, and then we picked up a friend of ours who played trumpet; and he knew a saxophone player; and after a while we whittled it down to how we started [plus] the trumpet.

I just think that these are the best songs that we've written and the best recording quality that we've had.

I want them to come out and have a good @#$%& time, obviously—that's what going to shows is all about; but I also want them to walk away maybe thinking about something, having something sparked inside them. Talking to kids before and after the shows is always great, and seeing them go crazy while we're playing is the best payment we could ask for.

I just want to write songs that people can relate to. The songs that always stuck in my head were the songs that dealt with issues that I've gone through. Sometimes those songs can help get you through tough times. Sometimes those songs can make you think about things in a different light.

I do tend to write about issues of the times, but I try to write the lyrics so that they'll be timeless, so they'll still be as relevant in 15 years. I think it's important to have songs that make you think, songs that make you want to get involved.

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