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Through Matt Sweeny. We had played together in Will Oldham’s band, and he’s been friends with Billy for a long time. I was actually in LA mastering Whatever, Mortal when they were auditioning bass players, and they invited me to see where they were practicing. We just got along and ended up playing together.
David Pajo (about Zwan)

I did the first three when I was recording the Zwan record. We recorded for six months in Chicago, 12 hours a day every day. Whenever I had free time I would write these songs and record them on my computer. I wanted to keep my band active during that whole thing, so I decided I’d release these – they’re almost like little journal entries, these songs – like sketches that I could release one every two months. I didn’t want Papa M to die while Zwan was going on.
David Pajo

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